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Our Products

What are we bringing to the world?

Three integrated products and services that provide a comprehensive IT ecosystem for coffee businesses and drinkers:

Coffee in Web 3.0

A fun, creative “drink-to-earn” platform that offers drinking perks to coffee lovers

We are building the world’s largest community of coffee businesses and drinkers! Cafeyoda platform enables roasters and brands (Creators) to share authentic stories and offer unique coffees and allied experiences to Coffee lovers around the world.

Drinkers (Users) get insanely delicious coffee along with the ability to turn their coffee spend into real and meta world assets.

Enterprise Solution

A Cloud-based Solution for coffee businesses, so they can serve future-ready coffee.

The solution brings to life Web 3.0 tools for simplifying operations, optimise supply chains and earn brand loyalty with decentralised loyalty System.

Real World Investments

The DAO will set the future course of Cafeyoda. Our proposal includes building a Coffee Metaverse to fund real world ‘Green’ projects

Working closely with Coffee businesses, the DAO will propose investments in building Net Zero coffee businesses. DAO members are tied together with a shared vision of ‘net zero ‘ and Rainforest protection.

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Who is Cafeyoda for?

Cafeyoda is not for everyone! It’s for you, if you are a nature lover, coffee drinker, collector or forger. We are for you if you are a passionate coffee business owner with a vision and purpose.

We are for you if you are a Web3 investor fully aligned with the future of NFTs, Meta, and Blockchain. We are for you if you want to make your first investment in NFTs & all things Web 3.0

What is Season one about?

Season One is the watchlist. The perks of owning Season One are listed above.

Season One community will keep getting offers and rewards from the DAO members, ie those who will own Season two NFTs.

Season one is the entry point into the world of Cafeyoda; a gatepass to become the founding members of Cafeyoda DAO.

How will the NFT grow in value?

There are only 989 Yodas in Season One. The owners will form the maiden Yoda community. The perks, rewards and $Yodas they get will keep growing over time. Read the Whitepaper to learn more about the vision, mission and roadmap.

Where can you find us

Find us on our social media handles.
For more information, feel free to write to us on hello@coffeetrace.io.
Alternatively, share your email id to learn more: