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Decentralise and Decarbonise Coffee

A a fun, creative “drink-to-earn” platform that empowers coffee businesses to auction unique coffee experiences and offer creative perks to coffee lovers around the world

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this NFT : 2.0 SOL  That is  36$

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Our Goal

Build a community of One million nature lovers seeking ‘honestly good coffee’, while preserving the Rainforests

Our goal is to deploy $100 million towards Rainforest revitalisation over the next ten years, working closely with Coffee growers, NGOs and Govts working towards Climate Crisis

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Make coffee a currency for climate action

Build technology solutions that combine consumer and business action to preserve the rain-forests and its inhabitants, while giving people a choice to experience some of the world's best coffees.

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Decentralize and Decarbonize coffee

Be an authoritative technology partner for environment conscious brands, so they can build Web 3.0 powered businesses.

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Spilling the beans

A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) in 2023.

Season One collection is the fastest way to access Season two for DAO membership.

The DAO will cruise the future of Cafeyoda.

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Who’s a Yoda?

Yodas are Planet Lovers who want to experience insanely cool coffees while shaping the future of coffee industry

Yodas, who mint Season 2 to join the DAO will have magical powers to sniff CO2e of coffee supply chains; actively vote and steer the future of Cafeyoda investments in Real and Meta world of Coffee

Yodas love Rainforests and ‘honestly good coffee’, and Cafeyoda is the hub where they ideate, curate and build Web 3.0 solutions to fight the climate crisis, while earning handsome generative rewards as DAO members.

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Honestly Good Coffee

‘Honestly good coffee’ tastes heavenly, satiating a coffee connoisseur. Comes with an authentic journey story. Its CO2e footprint is measured ‘honestly’ and visible to the drinkers.

Drinkers get a choice to be ‘net zero’ and enjoy ‘Drink and Earn’ rewards with NFT assets

Season 1 NFT Collection

World of Coffee is a collection of 1,000 Yoda Goat nfts-unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain.

Your Yoda Goat doubles as your World of Coffee Club membership card, and grants access to Members only benefits, the first of which is get your hands on some of the coolest coffees in the World along with surprise Coffee Merch . 

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Perks of Ownership

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Delicious Coffee

Experience 250gms of 87 points+ coffee from the #4 Bio Diversity Hot Spot of the world!



Whitepaper Website Season One Collection Media and Community

March’ 2023
Phase One

Products Beta Run DAO & $Yoda launch Grow Community Votes, Polls & Events

June 2023
Phase Two

Product Launch ESG Groups, member events

Our Team

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Chief Visionary

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Chief Developer

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UX Designer